Roswell Meteor

Meteor Monitoring by Stan Nelson

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                             Meteor Activity

 Historic WWV 25 MHz is back on the air for a short time!

 Iowa DTV2 Returns From K0LGI

  Digital Ch. 2 54.310 MHz @ Roswell - SkyPipe II

 Digital Ch. 2 54.310 MHz @ Roswell - ARGO Chart  

 Analog TV4 Ch 4 67.240 MHz @ Roswell - ARGO Chart

 WWV 25 MHz Meteor Activity @ Roswell - Argo Chart

 WWV 20 MHz Meteor Activity @ Roswell - Argo Chart

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 WWVB 60 Khz received with SDR-IQ at Roswell - Argo Chart


 Live Meteor Echoes on 

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RMOB Meteor Data - meteor counts uploaded hourly as nelson5 & nelson4


Solar Activity

The Callsito receivers are manufactured by

e-Callisto NA014 Rx Light Curves (5 freq) 200 to 400 MHz.

NA014's LP antenna is now steered with a Yeasu G-5500 AZ-EL rotator controlled by an ERC-M adaptor and PSTrotator software in the sun tracking mode.

e-Callisto NA027 Rx Light Curves (5 freq) 45 to 75 MHz.

Note: Charts show activity from apprx. 7 am to 7 pm local MST. - adjusted throughout the year. Chart times are in UT.



 Using DTV Transmitters for Meteor Detection' by K0LGI

 JPEG Images recorded with ARGO from K0LGI

 Other K0LGI Activity - Reflections from the Moon! STATIC

  K0LGI's technique to set FUNCube's frequency PDF doc.

 K0LGI Snotel Monitoring 



Last Updated on June 21, 2014